Dear Antti & Kalvis

The past year has been one of the most amazing in my career. And when you love something, it doesn’t always even feel like work. However, most of this year’s praise belonged to our customers like you.

Your year was perhaps many levels challenging, but I can’t help but admire yours’s a positive and forward-thinking attitude towards things.

I am grateful for this year, and for that, that we get to be involved in the success and coexistence of teleskooppi and tackle the challenges of the future.

I believe and promise to do our best that 2022 will be a very successful year for your online stores.

Let’s celebrate a refreshing Christmas and leave with a new look forward to 2022.

Thank you for getting me and Saleslion on this trip.

A relaxing Christmas for yours’s families.


Kari & the entire Saleslion team