You Sell Products, We Optimize Them in Finland

Maintaining and optimizing your product feed is critical to shopping ad success in Finland. We provide productively Product Feed Optimization in all major channels in Finland. And Finally, we show single source of truth about your product feed marketing ROAS, in one dashboard.

Boost Your Sales with the #1 Full-Service Product Feed optimizing company in Finland


With locally optimized products data feed

The sophisticated software recognizes content as pure data and not as a specific language. If you are a multinational e-commerce merchant and targeting also in Finland market, we can optimize and manage your feeds for all major Comparison-Shopping platforms in Finland and give you a better ROAS.


Which Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) should you choose?

We are working with the most established premium CSS partners in Finland. We know with CSS:s is most profitable to your products. We know what are expected ROAS on each channel. If you are running products feed marketing in Finland already, you should consider talking with us, most probably we can help you get better results? So please reach out to us, if you would like to make you free evaluation of your current status in Finland.


We optimize your data feed to Finland market

After taking over an account, we start by implementing our 30-step feed optimization process, what has planned to Finnish market. We are creating rules-based optimizations customized for each client. With this local approach, allows us to audit your shopping performance and pinpoint opportunities for better ROAS from Finnish market.

Talk to us, get your FREE consultation today

Sign up for a free 30 min evaluation session where a Saleslion ecommerce feed expert will assess how can we optimize your product feed in Finland.

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